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Embassy interview preparation in chandigarh

Embassy Interview Preparation

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You marked the date on your calendar and voila — you thought you were all set. Yet you seem to be on the edge as you inevitably move closer and closer to the circled date. A big yes, we are indeed talking about none other than your first visa interview!

Being confident, honest and polite could make a world of difference in your interview. Be ready to face any questions the visa officer may throw at you, and you are already half way there to being ready.

The visa office wants to know if you plan on staying abroad and working after you are done with your studies. Prepare all your points to convince them that no, you are heading there only to complete your studies. But hey, in case your university has promised you a work permit post graduation, you may let your visa officer know. Generally, the interview process is never long, half-an-hour at the most, and the questions are very specific to the course and student. Rarely would it sway beyond the information you’ve already submitted as part of your visa process.

We realise that everything you have completed up until this point is being put on the line during this interview, but don’t feel pressured or fazed by that. You just need to approach it with a calm demeanor, and again, be confident with your answers. Don’t take the interview too lightly either. The key to clearing the interview is to present yourself well and be sincere with your answers.

Our experts are there to guide you to crack the most tricky interview questions and assist you to make a career abroad.